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Welcome to the Friend of Humanity site.

This site has been created to serve as a centre of
inspiration and discussion towards understanding the incredible depth and
beauty of this precious life that we all share.
Please explore and enjoy the site:

  • On the Reflections Page, you’ll find, from time to time, some of the insigts I wish to share.
  • On the Questions and Comments page you’ll find comments from various
    sources and responses to those comments. You are invited to participate.
  • Also, there is a page of special interest, Letters To and From Political Leaders, that I invite you to look at. It explains the importance of our participation of the Political Process and includes some of the letters that I have written to various Political Leaders. If you are so inclined, your valued opinions and comments are much appreciated.

My sole, and only wish, is to help my brothers and sisters of
this world, towards finding true peace and happiness in their own lives.

I want to be clear that I do not want to be considered to be
anyone special or to be seeking any financial compensation or anything like

I can also be reached at


A True Friend of Humanity


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